Walking its first black President Barack Obama who

Walking while black

On August 13, 2014, the newspaper St. Louis
American published the article “Walking while black: Michael Brown, black men
and white police officers” 1. This article was written by a young black man
and columnist ‘Ishmael Sistrunk”. African American newspaper St. Louis American
has been publishing articles continuously since 1928.2

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The main subject of “Walking While Black”
is racism, particularly racism against black people. Ishmael Sistrunk states in
the article that even though slavery had ended centuries ago but still black
men are treated as lower class citizens by the politicians as well as by the
police. The fact that the USA got its first black President Barack Obama who
was also re-elected indicate that racism and prejudice among the natives are no
longer to find. Unfortunately, this is not the reality. According to Ishmael
Sistrunk, the presidential election brought racism to the forefront. This was
because that many Americans refused to work with him as a commander in chief as
simply he doesn’t know how to lead “their” nation.

To proceed with, the author has accounted
the problems and also the main theme of article: racism. Ishmael Sistrunk shares
his own personal experiences.  This
creates credibility for the writer. Writer feels comfortable with relating the
topic to his experiences. On the other hand, it is easier for the reader to
create empathy for the situation. Later on he comes back to the topic and
comments on the shooting of an 18 year old Michael Brown. Lastly author
discusses about the solutions to save black lives.

Ishmael Sistrunk further explains how he
has been disturbed by the white police officials. After receiving his driving
license, he was now prime target for the St.Louis Police department. He
explains many happenings when police stopped him for slightest reasons. One day
he was returning home and police stopped him. Officer alleged him of being high
cannabis because of his green tongue color. Actually it was due to powerade
drink. However, after a lot of testing he was allowed to go but with a warning.
This clarifies that relation of young black men and police officers is unsatisfactory.

The author convinces the audience with
appeal form of pathos. Writer Ishmael Sistrunk tries through his article to
create feelings and emotion for black people in the hearts of Americans. He
does so by including the events he witnessed and his own experiences.

Author claims that racism is still a part
of everyday life. Ishmael Sistrunk uses his own experiences as evidence to this
argument because reader requires evidence with an argument to believe the
writer. He also mentioned the case of Michael Brown which is a famous case and
shows the same pattern as of author’s own experiences.

Author concludes his article with suggestions
to young black men to protect themselves. He says that majority of black
rappers rap about guns and drugs, but they don’t live like that. Youth whether
he/she is black or white, they tend to have need of showoff. They think people
are obsessed with these cool raps. Sistrunk states that the young black men
would have to clear their images. In my point of view, it would not be easy to
do so. There will always be people criticizing black men. But the white people
should not emphasize issues like this instead try to condone.

The author’s main objective of writing this
article is to illustrate how important is the problem of racism. It is not
acceptable that black youth is afraid of freedom of movement in neighborhood
and also it is not acceptable that police is the main cause of this fear.  Police’s duty is to provide security and
protect citizens rather than spreading fear. The white people who had no
problem with the police and never experienced any of these problems, after
reading this article, got an image of how it is to live like a black and how
much difficult it is. The writer believes that this is the time to discuss
solutions and create peace. I believe that it would require a great struggle to
solve the problem of racism. I think that problem of racism cannot be
completely eradicated. It will be solved to a greater extent but not

“Harlem” a poem written by Langston Hughes
speaks about the limits of African Americans.3 In the starting of the poem,
Hughes writes of dream. He does not indicate a special dream. Blacks were
promised dreams of justice, freedom and indiscrimination but the promises were
never fulfilled. Writer says that African Americans are deprived of dreaming or
desiring great things because of the oppression to them from the surrounding
environment or people. Some people may dare to dream, but that dream never


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