Using and you only pay when someone clicks


Using AdWords you can target potential clients that are interested in your service or product, and you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. If used properly, this marketing platform will improve your number of prospects and provide measurable ROI.


There are multiple ad formats under the AdWords include display advertisements, video ads, and text advertisements. With this post, we are going to be focusing on the PPC (pay-per-click).

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Here we have recorded 5 reasons why you should think about using Google AdWords to your industry.


1.      It is Customizable & Flexible


They are especially great to have when you are trying to reach a particular target audience. Google AdWords allow you to customize text and campaigns advertisements to meet your requirements. With this platform, relevancy is the key to success. Avoid paying for clicks which will not result in real conversions.


Within AdWords you can define the type of keywords you want to use to help filter your audience, use negative keywords to narrow out people that are trying to find something unrelated to your service or product. Targeting goes beyond using keywords to add location, the time of day you need your ads to appear, language and much more. Additionally, add extensions that allow you to grow your advertisements with helpful information like contact information, added product descriptions, and links to certain pages on your own site.


2.      You Get Measurable Results


It is extremely measurable. The times of running your advertisement on TV and trusting it reaches the exact audience has gone. While traditional marketing has its own place in the business, digital platforms such as AdWords make it more feasible to reach certain audiences.


PPC advertising is measurable and transparent approaches, allows you quickly discover whether you are effectively reaching your target audience. If you are not, the personalization and flexibility we spoke about above make it simple to correct an effort as needed. The moment your ad goes live, the AdWords platform starts tracking so that you can see which advertisements have acquired the most clicks, the price of those clicks, the best search phrases, and much more.


3.      It Is Cost Effective


You only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. If you are performing a related and well-organized effort, this usually means that you are not paying a penny until you’ve got a skilled client coming face to face along with your call to actions.


You may be thinking that many people do not click on the advertisements over the organic search results, but that is where you are mistaken. From a research 64.6 percent of individuals click on Google Ads whenever they are seeking to buy a product on the web.


The flexibility of this AdWords platform also extends to budgeting. Quality score also has a large effect on the efficiency and price of your paid search campaigns. The greater your Quality Score, the lower your price per click and your cost per conversion would be. The more significant your ads and landing pages will be, the greater your quality score will be.


4.      Your Competition Is doing It


Your competitors are taking the advantage of the Adwords and you should too.

PPC advertisements are taking up more area on search engine results pages than ever before. While organic search results get more clicks, keyword searches using high commercial intent beat out organic search results in a 2:1 margin. In addition to this, half of people still cannot tell the difference between organic and paid search listings. While SEO is important, your very best choice is to use paid search advertising too.


5.      It is Faster Than SEO


In launching a new website, the favorable outcomes of SEO may take weeks to see. But why wait on advertising your services and products? When you’re working in your own site’s SEO, you’ll have AdWords up and running so that you may begin getting clicks and impressions immediately.


The rapid outcomes from AdWords can also help you decide which keywords work best and if you are targeting the ideal audience. These outcomes can then be used to construct a successful search engine optimization campaign. In addition to getting quicker outcomes, AdWords is somewhat less time consuming. We believe that both approaches work nicely together and may be used collectively for good success.




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