Unstructured data is data that can’t be included

data is data that can’t be included into a database that has already been
created. It uses human language, which means that you can write anything you
want. As it contains human language, it is expensive to analyse, because a
person will be needed to analyse it. For example, unstructured data can be
emails, presentations, blogs, photos and audio files. Unstructured data can
have images, videos and images. “Unstructured data is usually not stored in a
relational database where the data model is relevant to the meaning of the

data is data that contains both structured and unstructured data.

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“Describes structured data that does not
quite fit into the formal
structure of data models”. (Faraj, I, 2017). Semi structured data can be found
in emails that remain of structured and unstructured components. Semi
structured data can be included in images and videos. An example of
semi-structured data can be a Wikipedia article because it includes structured
data that is prepared and planned and also unstructured data.


is data that has been given meaning by way of relational connection.

“meaning” can be useful, but does not have to be. In computer
parlance, a relational database makes information from the data stored within
it.” (Pdfs.semanticscholar.org,

is data that has been interpreted and has a meaning. Businesses use valuable
information that helps them within the organisation. Valuable information is
accessible, which means that it can be accessed by authorised users within the
organisation. For example, this can include staff that can access customer
information. In the organisation, every department will have a different level
of access to information because everyone does a different job and will be able
to see only the appropriate information that relates to them.

is accurate which means that it doesn’t have any errors and it has been checked
by staff to make sure that it is correct. This is very important for an
organisation because for example if they have inputted wrong information about
their customer, and then he decides to order a product, then the product can go
to the wrong place.

is complete and has all the important facts. This is beneficial when
organisations access information because if it is incomplete, they won’t be
able to identify the information and wrong decisions will be made. Also
information has to be economical to create, relevant because decisions depend
on the quality of data that the organisation has. And reliable to the staff and
any users can trust it to use because they might need to pass it on. It is very
important that information is secured and safe from access from unauthorised
users. For example to access information, organisation will usually give out
username and passwords to their staff so they can log in and view the
information. This makes it secure because anyone from outside the organisation
can’t access it and this prevents it from being stolen. Information should be
timely because staff and customers need time to process it. For example if an
organisation is selling tickets of events, they will have to make sure that
they arrive on time and to the correct address of the customer so he can visit
the event and be satisfied with the service. Valuable information needs to be
verified, which includes of it being checked.


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