Two drug and alcohol abuse, stress, age, and

sleep disorders are insomnia and narcolepsy. Insomnia is when a person
has a consistent problem either falling or staying asleep. This is also one of
the most common sleep disorders that plague people. This sleep disorder is also
tied to depression which is also very common mental illness. The main causes of
insomnia include mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, stress, age, and any
sleep changes. One treatment that would help with insomnia but would lead to a
tolerance would be sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can help a person in falling
and staying asleep but the quality of sleep could be worsened because the
subject won’t be hitting REM sleep as often. Also, as I stated before
the subject will over time develop a tolerance of the drug and as a result will
need more to fall asleep. A second sleep disorder is Narcolepsy, this is
when a person will have a sudden urge to sleep at any given time. This sleep
disorders main symptom is when a person is triggered by overwhelming stress or
any time of excitement. The causes of narcolepsy are usually due to a
neurological disorder, or the brain not producing enough orexin. One treatment
for Narcolepsy that won’t cure it but can help in reducing and managing it
would be stimulants. 


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