The requirement test coverage. It also supplies the

The most suitable commercial tool for Vega-lite software maintenance
and evolution is BADBOY software. It is a very powerful tool which the purpose
to design and help in testing and a creation of complex dynamic applications.
The results of Badboy, web testing have been much easier with a lot of features
such as detailed reports, graphs, replay interface and a lot more. Lastly the
pros of this is it is free or cheap depends on the usage.

                The second software that is
suitable for Vega-lite is SpiraTest. It is a product testing program that can produce, modify and deal
with any of the projects required in a progressive prerequisites grid where the
high-level business necessity can be disintegrated. Each necessity will be
mapped it is possible that at least one cases which will prompt approval of its
usefulness. The results of it shows the real providing time in
requirement test coverage.
It also supplies the potential to implement some of the test that have
predefines groups of test cases. The testers able to go after the instruction
and it will dictate if the system being tested behaves as expected. Any deflection
from common behavior will be mark as faulty and managed in built-in defect
tracking module. The results of this is the quality assurance from the
software testing.

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                The third software would be
iMacros. IMacros have a lot of features and the first one would be web automation.
The purpose of this is it will do well with all websites and make it easy for
us to record and replay repetitious or many times work. Some of it would be
such as dialog boxes, flash, jaya, Ajax and a lot more. IMacros can run
multiple instances at the same time or called (multi-threading) and can be run
in the background while another program is working. This provides visual
recording and play all the web activity again. Besides that, it eliminates the
uninterested repetitions that occurs the same site, password will be save and
remembered and the web form that needs to be filled IMacros is the main
programming that can autofill web forms that extend more than a few pages. With
the 256-Bit AES encryption, the password is secured. Next the benefits of
IMacros is it can extract anything with a data.

                Lastly, the software that is
suitable for Vega-lite would be Test Log. Test Log give us an integrated
management environment which will help us create and manage the whole test plan.
Structured approach for the test process will be givens while the versatile to manage
will into any methodology that already have exist (including UML). They use a
database that is lightweight XML and they will help install and configure by
few clicks. Moreover, they will quickly generate statistics form the inline report.


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