The B.F.Skinner suggests that person when understand their

The marketing application of this
model also reflects that customers generally are motivated by the symbolic as
well as economic and functional products concerns. This assists marketer to
create great advertisements and messages for customers to persuade.

hierarchy of needs theory analysis

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The Maslow theory reflects the
hierarchy of needs from lower order to higher orders. There are five basic levels
of needs of human that are distinct (Belch & Belch, 2001).  In the case of survey findings, it can be
deduced that people purchase i-Phone X not only for functional utility but the
social and ego needs. This implies that customers already have achieved
physiological needs and safety and security needs. Therefore, a marketer can
charge high price from customers because ego needs and social needs generally
do not consider much about the economic value of a product.

Importance of perception,
attitudes, motivation, group and individual differences and family and

Perception reflects the pattern of
thinking of customers. There are two relevant theories of perception such as
the self perception theory and cognitive dissonance theory. Self perception
theory proposed by B.F.Skinner suggests that person when understand their
emotions, attitudes and other personal states by comparing with others are
motivated to change their self-perception that is acceptable by person’s groups
or surroundings. The cognitive dissonance theory refers that, when person finds
differences between desired expectation and actual performance of a product and
service, he tends to fill the gap, and therefore resorts to purchase products
that can fulfil his expectations. In the case of the mobile phone purchase,
most customers who do not have features in their existing mobile phones may
purchase this new i-Phone X. Therefore, this theory is also applicable with the
survey findings.


This model is also immensely useful
to understand the consumer behaviour. It reflects the inter-relationship
between the decision making process stages and the role of endogenous and exogenous
variables. It clarifies the relationship between behaviour and attitudes and
the introduction and the beliefs system. This model is supportive to define


This model is extension of the EKB
model. This model suggests that consumer behaviour is influenced by the five
factors.  The consumer resources such as
time, economic resource and information reception are determined (Hsu, Lin, & Ho, 2012). In the
case of survey, it is identified that for mobile purchasing, consumers’ spend
much time and money since this is high involvement product, therefore this
model familiarises with the consumer behaviour patterns and their causes.
Similarly, the knowledge and attitudes also shape the purchasing decisions.
Knowledge is formed with the influence of the society and attitudes are formed
by cultural beliefs, and norms. Therefore, the survey findings indicate that
people who participate in survey are having modern beliefs and they lead a
modern lifestyle. Personality and motives also influence the decision process. The
motives of respondents here to purchase a stylish phone with high security and
features, therefore, they look for both functional and emotional benefits in
the product. Personality is shaped by the cultural attributes and role of
family and friends and immediate surrounding is very much important to shape
the personality. In the survey findings, it is reveals that respondents are
generally having modern cultural attributes or contemporary cultural practices.
The value system is also a part of this model and values of respondents of
survey reflect that they want to achieve status and fame in society.

This model also considers
environmental influences, such as culture, social class, personal influences,
family role that are important factors to determine the consumer behaviour. The
analysis of this model in respect of survey findings reveal that respondents
are influenced by their social class, personal influences, culture and family
and therefore they have different perceptions about the product quality and
pricing. The different viewpoints of respondents about pricing reveal that they
are from middle class to upper middle class. similarly, the quality feature is
rated differently by the customers and this reveals that quality parameters are  judged differently on the basis of personal
experience, family and friends impact, person own value-system, and social


The survey findings reveal the
roles of determinants of consumer behaviour such as social class, culture,
family, economic condition etc. it also reveals the worthiness of product and
involvements of respondents. Most of respondents follow the herds mentality
where they follow the references of others people and are not truly
experimenters. They seek social status and recognition; therefore, they want to
purchase i-Phone X. They can be also motivated by different motives such as for
functional benefits that are revealed by the need of certain respondents, who
seek good processor, but most of respondents look for hedonic values and this
reveals that they are mostly concerned with social status. Overall, the survey
findings suggest that purchasing an i-Phone X by the survey respondents is a
luxury need that satisfies the personal ego of individuals and the purchase of
mobile phone is driven by the emotional needs. Therefore, marketer can charge
the high price.


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