second John Brown would end up giving land

second wife only half a year after his first wife’s death, her name was Mary Anne Day and she was only sixteen year old when she started having kids with John Brown. John Brown wasn’t a very good businessman he was more metaphysical, and ran the tanning company very well, he raised cattle (sheep) and established broker age of wool producers. From 1820 to 1850 John Brown had problem financially, but during this time he became active in the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was in the late 1700s to 1865, and it was a network of secret routes and houses that would help African Americans, John Brown would end up giving land to these people. Becoming a conductor for the Underground Railroad and also by the age of fifty, Brown felt he was chosen by God to lead the slaves to freedom he even had a farm that is now a National Historic Landmark and New York State Historic Site.  Brown lived on this farm for ten years and because of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, he had the chance to choose weather his territory would permit or prohibit slavery. Brown then moved to Kansas with other abolitionist, and took 5 sons with him, although many more defenders of slavery were also pouring into Kansas, in order to secure it for the pro-slavery faction. The  Missouri “border ruffians” which they decided to attack was on  May 21, 1856 also known as the anti-slavery town of Lawrence, which was pillaging and burning and there John Brown killed five pro-slavery men. The most important attack and only raid that John Brown planned for was the Harpers Ferry on October 16, 1859 in Virginia, (current day West Virginia) he had a group of twenty one followers, five men were colored and sixteen men were white. John Brown’s plan was to hold men hostage then inspire them about slave insurrection, but this only worked for two days. All twenty one followers were killed by Robert E. Lee’s military forces, including Brown’s two sons.


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