Pat her world is deeply affected by war,

Barker holds the title in her hand for illustrating the roles of the historical
novelists, the therapist and the poet alike tha help to apprehend the breadth,
length and depth of the War experience. Her novel is an exemplary
portrayal of the emotional effects of World War I. As well as it bring on
surface the physical and mental hardships encountered by men and women of that
The good thing about this novel is that that it shows almost all trench of war
with one positive aspect of women development.

Lumb works in munitions factory, although her world is deeply affected by war,
but help her to adorn the wider roles of women and expands women freedom during
that time period.  She hold an equal role
in her relationship with Billy, by saying no to him for first time when he
tried to have sexual contact with her and leads to independent life. Gilligan’s
theory for women development can be applied here that support the idea when
women differentiate herself from other and came to know her worth in
patriarchal society.

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on the other side Ada Lumb, have a deep rooted cynicism for the relationship of
man and women, and believe that romantic love between man and women is
impossible. She was against her daughter’s liberal sex and because of that she was
now more alone and destitute. She argues with her to get married to a man who could
support her financially.

“A dispiriting way to
bring girls up, Sarah thought; to make marriage the sole end of female
existence, and yet deny that love between men and women was possible. Ada did
deny it. In her world, men loved women as the fox loved the hare. And women
loved men as a tapeworm loves the gut.”

Similies use by Ada
like tapeworm, fox and hare are deeply unromantic, for her marriage is a mutual
net gain. Because at the beginning of 20th century only few
opportunities were given to female, that left them on the hands of men. Sarah
has been able to make good money and does not rely on men as a consequence of
war that gave liberation to women. War upgrade women life and prospects.

Whereas Lizzie,
Sarah’s coworker highlights the freedom that war offer to women. And represent
difficulties that women face in sexiest society. Her relation with her husband
was abusive, when war began his husband left to serve which bring peace in her
life. She was terried from the day when war end and his husband came back.

represents male experience in her novel but predominantly she depict women who
is confident and modern. Women began to take roles like man such as working in
minutions, and began to transform into independent individuals.

            4.2 Significance of the study

Regeneration has helped the researcher to understand the
significance of war that is the most important factor for the development of
women. They gain independence and confidence and work just like men in
factories, hospitals etc. War with its horrible effects on the life of men,
bring freedom for women when male where busy in frontline and women where
feeding their household by doing job.

Barker selects Sarah and other females of novel as lower
class. She has chosen them to represent the common experience of war that was
largely felt by women of that time. They are presented as self-asserted with
their relationship with men. While working in factories Sarah gain confidence,
independence and strength. She dominates her conversation with prior from the
beginning. Her confidence towards her relationship build a conflict for
traditional opinion of women by her mother character.

4.3 Limitations and delimitations

are limitations in any research. The research is conduct by taking help from
scholarly articles, Google books, pdfs. Special care has been taken to find out
the most authentic sources of translated work. This paper is restricted to the
development of women during war in Pat Barker’s novel Regeneration by applying Gilligan theory of women development . The
boundries the researcher have set focus more on the text and writers context by
analyzing articles, books, essays about female development, research papers.

that were faced during research is the inaccessibility to Google scholar
articles, and in collecting literature review because more work in done on the
male perspective of the novel then the female.







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