Karen final projects were exactly like the plans

                                                                                                          Karen Salamé

405 rue de la Concorde,
Montreal, Québec, Canada

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January 22, 2018.

Human Resources department


500 Saint-Jacques Street

Montréal, QC H2Y OA2


Dear hiring department manager,

I am writing to share with you my interest in
your four months assessed internship for a civil work intern position. Being a Civil Engineering undergraduate student at McGill University, I
am constantly seeking opportunities to dedicate my engineering skills and
knowledge. I believe my enthusiasm along with my organizational skills would
make me the ideal candidate for this internship.

my academic experience, I’ve had the opportunity to range over several
construction sites. In fact, last summer, I decided to
undertake an observational internship at the FPDU, which is the department of
engineering at the American University of Beirut (AUB), where I was actively
involved in project management: I assisted the Project
Manager in daily tasks consisting of ambitious and complex designs. My job precisely was to check if the final projects
were exactly like the plans intended them to be before writing a report to the structural
engineer, in order to get his  approval. Thanks to this experience and considering my ability to work with a
team and support my colleagues, I believe I hold the required qualities to be an
effective and valuable asset for your team.


Despite my interest in infrastructures,
I’ve always been fascinated by the functioning of the stock market, which is
what pushed me to undertake an internship in the finance department at a
Lebanese TV channel (MTV). This experience allowed me to develop a deeper
understanding of financial affairs and enhanced my analytical as well as my problem-solving
skills. In addition, my fluency in English, French, Arabic and Spanish can only
benefit your team, considering the fact that Pomerleau is a distinguished
international company and Montreal is a multicultural city. For these reasons, I
consider myself being the perfect match for your expectations and this
internship would be for me a new chance to further my professional learning of
project management within the engineering field.


I would be grateful if you consider
the valuable contribution I could offer to your company and allow me to
demonstrate my knowledge as well as my expertise of civil engineering practices.

I look forward to hearing from you.








Karen Salamé





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