It between them and our staff. Thank you

has come to my attention that our patients have been dissatisfied with the lack
of professionalism reflected in our e-mail responses. Results from post-visit
satisfaction surveys show that patients are unhappy with the quality of
communication from staff. I’d like to offer a few suggestions on how to improve
our communication with patients via e-mail. Also, an optional seminar will be
provided at the clinic to improve communication with patients.


It is vitally important to show our patients
that we are taking time out of our busy day to communicate with proper e-mail
etiquette. Proper grammar and punctuation should still be applied when replying
to patients.  Avoid using slang and abbreviating any text in your message.

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Proofread your context in your e-mail before sending it out to avoid any


To avoid overwhelming the reader, it is
important to create and deliver a well-balanced message. Provide clarity in
your e-mail to enhance communication between patients. Organize your context
into brief direct paragraphs to make it easy to digest. To make information
quick to process, use bullet-points to organize several points.


At South Valley Health clinic, we strive to maintain
high standards and continue to improve our outcomes. The e-mails reflect on the
values of South Valley Health clinic and we continually want to provide a supportive
environment for our patients. We want to assure our patients that they are in
great hands by showing our professionalism through our e-mails. Even though
it’s just an email, it is always best to deliver a polite professional


An optional seminar is being held at South
Valley Health clinic Room 405 on January 29, 2018, at 6:00 P.M on how to
effectively communicate with patients. We have the honor to have the workshop
conducted by a healthcare consultant to present effective ways to communicate
with our patients. We strongly recommend that all staff attend this extremely
informative seminar to be further educated in email etiquette. 


Please understand that we want to make our
patients feel satisfied with the communication between them and our staff.

Thank you for your cooperation and do not hesitate to contact me for questions
and concerns. 


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