In raw materials into valuable consumer goods. Thereby,

our opinion free trade is beneficial to the third world countries (developing
countries). It is also called as a less-developed country where country with
low living standards, less developed industrial base and the Human Development
Index (HDI) are lower than other countries. Generally, developing countries are
have not achieved significant industrial levels compared to their population.

benefit of free trade is acts as pacifier for weaker and developing countries.
This act allowing free trade in developing countries makes the economy more
attractive. As we know, free trade is an economic practice whereby countries
can import and export goods without fear of government intervention. For
example, there is no government intervention through the quotas or duties that
people can buy from other countries or what they can produce and sell to other
countries. This can be a key in creating a stimulus that allows a new countries
and declining economies to grow not to stagnate and collapse. Where, developing
countries are can access to enter a new markets since companies do not have to
worry about absorbing tariffs and other obstacles to enter market and they
freely can sell products. Hence, in this way we believe that free trade will
becomes a benefit to developing countries.

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nations can increase the quality of life for their citizens when engaging in
free trade. The European Union actively encourages developing countries to use
trade to build up their own economies and improves living standards. Free trade
allowed them bringing the goods (import) might be less expensive for developing
countries than trying to produce consumer goods or services within their
borders which it can helps to boosting their standards of living. Purchasing
power of individuals will increase if they implement low consumer prices. The
higher of purchasing power allows consumer to purchase more. It will be effect
to national economic growth through the number of consumer purchases. There are
many of developing countries does not have process of production accessible to
convert raw materials into valuable consumer goods. Thereby, with friendly
neighbors usually the developing countries are often doing import of goods each
other. For instance, in 1971 European Union were help developing countries
export to enhance them generates export earnings and promoting their economic
diversity of commodities and raw materials. Therefore, importing from
neighboring countries is ensuring a stable flow of goods available for use.

than that, free trade is beneficial to developing countries in better foreign
relations. A good relationship with foreign country is usually the result of
unintended free trade. The developing countries are always subject to
international threats. Build a strategic free trade relationship with more
powerful and effective countries can help guarantee that developing countries
have additional protection against international threats. For instance, developing
countries are become steadier, more straightforward and more open when
developing countries under the rules-based international trading system in the
World Trade Organization (WTO). Developing countries can likewise utilize free
trade agreements to enhance their military quality and their internal
infrastructure and additionally to enhance politically. Hence, these unintended
benefits allow developing countries to learn and create how they should govern
their economy and what kind of government policy can benefit the people. 


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