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In India Buddhism they use a Stupa which is a hemispherical
structure that’s used as a place of meditation. In ancient Mesopotamia
civilization however, they use a Ziggurat which is the base on which a Temple
is set. Ziggurats are raised towers that consist of multiple stepped platforms or
terraces that reduce in size as you travel further up the structure. They often
contain buttressed walls and 1 or more long staircases on the outside of the
structure that lead to a temple/place of worship at the summit. Stupas on the
other hand have less of an angular form, instead they have more of a rounded
form that sits on a square base. This mound like structure called a Bumpa usually
has a solid core that cannot be entered however some Bumpas contained precious
relics of Buddah including a piece of his robe or a white grain from his bones.
A central pillar called a chattara extrudes from the summit of the Stupa and
has come to represent the pivot of the universe.  Ziggurats were raised a lot higher and were
generally a lot taller and larger structures than Stupas, with the tallest
ziggurat being 91m tall. This is because the purpose of ziggurats were to place
the temple as close to the gods as possible.  

were usually made using sun baked mud bricks. Small cones of baked clay could
be used also to decorate the walls. The flat end of the cone was painted multiple
colours like blue, black, yellow, white or red and the sharper end was placed
into the wall. These cones were arranged in patterns forming a mosaic on the
wall. Stupa on the other hand has been made out of a wide range of things, before
the 4th century they were made out of non-durable materials like
wood or even mud. More recently however the structure is made out of stone with
the central pillar being carved from different woods like Sandalwood or

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                                           Supa and Ziggurats are both used as a place
to worship the gods with each also being used as a place were sacrifices can be
made. Another similar feature of both of the buildings is that usually the
inside of the structure is inaccessible with a solid core and the place of
worship itself is located on the outside.


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