In our heart and blood pressure to deliver

our society today, there are many health-related issues. Stress can affect the
body physically and emotionally; A variety of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
are all associated with stress and these can affect the way an individual
function’s and it becomes a problem when an individual doesn’t know how to
prevent it from progressing to a level where it interferes with your ability to
meet your basic needs, stress makes mental and physical demands on your body.
Stress can be caused by social interactions such as personal relationships,
family, and work. We live in a society where anything can stress us out, we worry
about our jobs, mortgage, the health of our loved ones.

who have stress over periods of time can experience negative related health
issues. They are more likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease,
diabetes, and can even have a panic disorder and depression. Stress can cause a
change in appetite and can cause trouble sleeping. For a lot of people, stress
can come and go. They usually happen after life events but tend to go away.
It’s completely normal to experience stress from time to time if you find ways
to manage it and keep it in control, stress can have long-term effects on your
health if not handled properly, some stress is alright if it doesn’t become
unmanageable, it’s important that the stress in your life doesn’t cause
negative consequences.

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 Stress puts a lot of pressure on your heart
and your heart pumps faster causing it to work much harder than needed and it
increases your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Constant Stress is
exhausting for the body, because the body isn’t relaxed its in fight or flight
mode and it can’t relax its muscles until you are relaxed yourself. Tightened
muscles can cause headaches and body aches. Stress hormones can force our lungs
to pump oxygen quickly into our blood stream causing our heart and blood pressure
to deliver us the energy we need to quickly handle the stressor.

with stress can cause you to feel angry and depressed. Feeling stressed can
make you feel trapped and worried all the time, unable to think or make the
right decisions for yourself.  Stressful
situations can make you feel down and it can be overwhelming. Experiencing mood
swings, not getting the proper amount of sleep making it difficult to continue
with your daily routine. People who suffer from depression and stress are twice
the risk for heart disease than people who don’t suffer from depression.

extreme amount of stress can take a toll on your physical health when it gets
to a point where you have no ability to control it, you’ll begin to develop
unhealthy stress managements to deal with being stressed. Such as seeking
comfort from eating unhealthy food, contributing to an unhealthy amount of
weight gain. Stress can have a harmful effect on your metabolism, it can force
our bodies to store more fat because when feeling stressed or depressed it can
cause someone to look for comfort in food. Unfortunately, feeling stressed can keep
the oxygen in our body from reaching our blood cells making our body dependent on
carbohydrates for us to get our energy.

all stress is bad it can be good at times, it can save our lives in fight-or-flight
situations. But our body isn’t able to tell the difference between good and bad
stress it can only respond to stress in one way. Stress requires a lot of energy
to the point that the body puts everything else on hold, all the energy will be
used up and there won’t be enough energy for your essential systems such as your
reproduction and digestive system.




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