How for some million dollars. Many of the

How dare Napoleon sell our land to the Americans? Everyone is upset
about this Louisiana purchase he just signed trading the land for some million dollars.
Many of the people are doomed about becoming American citizens and unwillingly admitting
its sovereignty. We just heard the news that New Orleans will officially
become a French territory as we got it from the Spanish; however, Napoleon sold
it immediately and handed us to the Americans. I still remember the day I
escaped France and got here after my father was killed in the revolution in
1799. They said New France will be the perfect place to start a new life where
no one can recognize me. I don’t know how should I feel towards this change and
what will the Americans do to us. Rumors were all over the place that those
Americans are well known of enslaving foreigners, treating women as inferiors, only
caring about wealthy families, change us from catholic to protestant,
and their government will steal our farms and enslave us. Also, which language would be the official one, was a
serious issue of the moment. The American expansion started since Napoleon
officially signed Louisiana purchase on May 1803, white families and their
slaves, free blacks, and some foreigners flood to New Orleans to work and live
here. They brought their culture and traditions with them creating a multi-cultural
diverse population in New Orleans, before that it was the Frenchmen, Africans, Spaniards,
Creoles and other minority groups.

In an official ceremony in New Orleans, the
French flag was lowered and the American flag was raised and Louisiana is legally
an American territory. On December 20, 1803, William Charles Cole Claiborne became
the first non-colonial governor of Louisiana, the largest territory ever owned
by America. Merging all the people together New Orleans with the fact that each
of them having different culture, background, religion and language wasn’t an
easy phase in our lives. At first, Americans were a minority but that didn’t
last long with them moving from the east of Mississippi as they realized the
profits they can make from domestic and foreign trading. Nevertheless, Americans
generally expected political leadership because of their familiarity with the governmental
system and that they are the citizens of the nation that just purchased Louisiana,
that did not make them clang with the people of New Orleans socially or
culturally. Within a few years, marriages between Frenchmen, Africans, Spaniards,
Creoles and Americans became common, and each group started to learn the
other’s language to facilitate communication and create a better society for
each individual of us. That doesn’t imply that the cultures merged into one but
an adaptation and broadmindedness endorsed all the cultures to exist side by

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New Orleans was known as an urban area and a commercial
trading center which is probably why the Americans were interested in
controlling it. Therefore, in March 1804, the federal government announced Orleans
as a separate territory with District of Louisiana, Upper Louisiana, north of
it. That helped in passing new laws that apply to New Orleans only where they encouraged
trade. Agriculture also was a preponderant factor in New Orleans before the
purchase where farmers and their families owned land around the east and west
banks of the Mississippi river. When the Americans immigrated to New Orleans
they obtained to own land closer to the river but that wasn’t easy for them as
they were less desirable and not as fertile. Throughout the years, the
population grew rapidly around the river where every farmer was growing sugar,
corn and cotton in particular, that led to nourishment in slave trade as more
slaves were needed to work in the farms. The economy of Orleans territory surpassed
over a short period and that made the Spaniards look up to control it, hence, a
federal protection was needed. In the period between 1803-1812 there was federal
troops constantly guarding Orleans’ boundaries against possible attacks as
Spain owned the land along Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Mexico.

On April 8, 1812, President Madison signed the
“act for the admission of the State of Louisiana into the Union, and to
extend the laws of the United States to the said state”. That gave the American
government the right to declare new states. Thus, on the 30th of the
same month the Orleans territory ceased to exist and was instead admitted as a part
of Louisiana state. 


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