Federic knew quite a bit in regards to

Federic Spott’s “Hitler and the Power of
Aesthetics” book in addition to the “The Triumph of the Will” film both
approach Hitler from a completely different perspective. Instead of the plain
dictator we’ve learned about in the past, we see the portrait of an artistic
and cultured dictator that was much more complex than most of us would imagine.
Both the book and the film detail the traits Hitler held that made him quite
favorable to many in Germany at the time.

For starters, he was an extremely powerful and
effective public speaker. When viewing the film you can tell the preparation
and a great deal of effort he put in to ensure his speeches were well put
together, and almost perfectly delivered. You can hear the confidence and pride
he held while speaking and his true belief in not only himself but also his
cause. He knew how to fire up the crowd, appeal to their beliefs and values,
and overall sell them on his vision for his newfound Germany.

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In addition, he was also previously an artist
who was rather good, although not particularly imaginative being the reason he
never made it professionally. He also knew quite a bit in regards to
architecture and was actually quite skilled when it came to drawing up plans.
He was also a huge lover of opera, in particular, Wagner.

Although Hitler was an extremely big
appreciator of art and culture, he was very narrow-minded in regards to it, and
only preferred certain kinds. He was not a fan of modern art in the slightest
and rejected modern music as well. He preferred a more traditional and classic
approach in regards to art and culture. Something I feel really connected him with
the German people.

Overall, I think it is apparent as to why
Hitler was an attractive leader at the time. He was an unconventional artist
that painted a picture of a new Germany he would create if given the
opportunity. An opportunity that he seized by running a well put together,
well-rehearsed show that was his Nazi party with him at the forefront.


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