Enhancing as farmers will be required to ‘do

Enhancing (AI) applications in the Agriculture industry





When people reminisce about
Artificial Intelligence there are numerous assumptions that begin with how AI
has been portrayed in famous movies, such as “Ex Machina”, which all represent
robots as a threat to humans. AI is not all just robots. It also applies to
anything that fits the above definition, as well as The Internet of Things
(“IoT”), smart cars, Google searches and Apple’s Siri. However, Artificial
intelligence (AI) will be a “game changer” in a different and new way, and that
is by improving the lives of people living in the Arab region and the world by
enhancing the agriculture industry. The project I want to create is a community
initiative. This community initiative will explore and introduce the
applications of artificial intelligence in the Agricultural Industry to provide
many Arab and Gulf countries with an understanding of current trends and
present the benefits of using AI in the farming industry.

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According to the UN Food and
Agricultural Organization (FAO), the Arab countries population is set to reach
907 million by the year 2050. This means that the region’s agriculture sector
is under more strain than ever with 500 million more mouths to feed within the
next 33 years! With available acreage estimated at just an additional 4.5%, it
seems it is no longer an option to simply plant more crop fields or breed more
cattle. What is needed, therefore, is a greater efficiency within current
farming methods as farmers will be required to ‘do more with less’. The main
goal of my community initiative is to introduce Arab farmers as well as those
who are involved in the agriculture sector to the significant benefits of AI in
the industry. Unfortunately, it will be little difficult in our region to
overstate the importance of technology in modern agriculture, as the majority
of Arab Farmers are not making informed decisions about how they should use
resources like soil, water, and energy by using AI. They have decades of
traditional techniques in their toolboxes. However, my community initiative aim
is to combine that irreplaceable knowledge with some of the most advanced tools
out there. With the help of the community, the project will be able to buy some
gadgets and adopt some accessible systems to help the industry to increase the
production. One major point is that elements such as climate change are
shifting the weather patterns in ways such as increasing the temperature,
changes in precipitation levels, and groundwater density, which can affect
farmers, especially those who are dependent on timely rains for their crops.
(AI) gadgets such as drones and Driverless tractors can predict advisories for
sowing, pest control, and commodity pricing. Therefore, creating increased
income and providing stability for the agricultural community.  As the project is highly beneficial for the
society its day to day needs, it will be taken care of by the community
members, investors, and other stakeholders. After approximately 2 years of its
completion, the project will be self-sufficient as the resource for its sustenance
will be raised from only the farmers themselves as they will invest in their


In conclusion, As a Somalian girl
who visited Somalia more than once, I know how people there are suffering from
the long hours of Planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops and the energy,
money, labor, resources that it takes. Of course, these obstacles are not only
in my home country, but it also can appear on a daily basis in many other Arab
and non-Arab countries. With the love of computer science that I hold dearly, I
believe that AI, which is a major branch of computer science, should steadily
emerge as part of the industry’s technological evolution in our Arab countries.
Therefore, it can help to empower small-holder farmers to increase their income
through higher crop yield, greater price control, improving harvests and
reducing their impact on the environment.


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