Digital skill inventory, medical history, performance appraisal, manpower

has been a driving force of everything in
the present age. Human Resource
Management is achieving its goals in coordinating with Information Technology
in every step with corporate goals and objectives in achieving significant long-term impact on the success of keeping an organization
healthy, which are linked with core business operations. E-HRM is becoming a
necessity for every organization which
will help in improving quality, efficiency
and accurate services, at a faster pace to the customers and employees. E-HRM
guarantees the security and confidentiality of input
data which is always an important issue in every organization. Recruiters, in the process of screening job
applicants, are mostly dependent on information practices especially digital
resume databases.  HRIS is to collect,
differentiate, process, personnel
administration, salary administration,
leave/absence record, skill inventory, medical history, performance appraisal,
manpower planning and collective bargaining which are required for effective management of human resources in the organization. Enterprise
Resource Planning software (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management a vital
role in the digital age. Software (CRM) is
the software which makes strong and effective in smooth
functioning of an organization. Digital transformation is a great thing which
can be borne by everyone to possess a digital
life in leaders, sectors and mainly Human Resource Management.


compete with the current digital technology and pace in keeping the track of
several years of customer or employee data without disrupting.

know the importance and applications of the Information Technology in shaping
the future of the Human Resource Management.

change the role of Human Resource Management in today’s digital age.

HR to play e-Recruitment through Skype, e-Training and e-Appraisal.


Digital Transformation, digital society, e-recruitment and
selection, e-training,

I  INTRODUCTION           

an article for the Society for Human Resource Management
(SHRM), John Sullivan, industry
thought leader and professor at San Francisco State University, said 2017 is
“the year of the algorithm.” Sullivan
said that the recruiting function will
finally begin to shift away from a decision model based on past practices and
intuition and toward data-driven decisions. 
This article enlightens the e-HRM
activity which thrives on the strength of the Information Technology which plays
a vital role in the digital age. E-Recruitment and selection is the process of
personnel recruitment and selection using electronic resources, in particular, the internet. People are the direct
factors of productivity of its services and digital transformed practices are
its sole HR employees for any prospective organization.
It enables tranquilized interactions
between employers and employees. It
accumulates information regarding
employee personal data, training, performance management, payroll, recruitment and strategic orientation. It uses intranet or
other web technology channels. It can also be
used for fulfillment of different
HR plan of action. Every organization desires
to excel and innovate for their
subsistence. Information Technology advancement is one of the powerful dynamic forces.  The technology and the changed focus of the
HRM function as an additional value to the organization’s product or service
led to the need of the HR department as a strategic partner in many
organizations. It has upgraded the way we converse, live, work and also the way
a business is administered. According to
Jovanovich (2004) recruitment and selection refer
to the process of attracting, screening, selecting, and onboarding a qualified person for a job.  The change in Information Technology is rapidly escalating than any other skills in
organizing the HR functions.


the employees is the first step to be done by any organization, as it is the forefront of every business. In keeping track
of digital transformation, focusing on recruitment and selection using new
technology in understanding the current trends in the emergence of finding and
identifying the potential candidates within no time. Digital
transformation has simplified the task of analyzing vast amounts of data and
they can be invaluable aids in HR management, from payroll processing to record
retention. E-HRM is the relatively new term for this IT supported HRM,
especially through the use of web technology.



statement shows how digital preservation, initially perceived as essentially a
technological challenge, is now much more conceived of as a practice that needs
to take into account the norms and values of society. We would argue even more
specifically, the norms and values of digital society – a space that has become
a major part of the world we live in today and that we are shaping by the way
we live our lives as digital consumers, citizens, workers and individuals. In the digital environment,
societal norms and values around access to information, privacy and ownership
are shifting; the logic of economics is changing. Balancing the forces at play
in the digital environment is an evolving and continuous process and we are
only beginning to understand digital society.

One of the most significant roles that digital marketing and online technology now play in helping identify and attract potential
candidates for executive and senior management roles. It has been replaced with
a digital version, in the form of company databases and websites such as
LinkedIn. For those that want to get into such networks, and stand out from an
ever-increasing pool, it is vital in creating
a profile that promotes your experience and abilities in a compelling manner.