Dear statistics, mathematics, and computer science. During my

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am Md. Tasnimul Hasan. I
received both Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degree in Statistics from
Comilla University (CoU), Bangladesh. I want to pursue my Master’s degree in Computational
Big Data Analytics under the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Tampere, Finland. I am highly
interested in the fields of “Big Data Analysis”, “Data Mining”, “Pattern Recognition” and “Big Data Management”.
My main interest is in developing statistical and computational methods for
data integration, pattern recognition, knowledge discovery, and large data management
in order to bring out significant meaning from the big dataset. I also have
interest in the development of genetic algorithms to improve the performance of
data mining techniques, image segmentation, and in the study of performance
evaluation of the predictive modeling.

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I have secured a CGPA of 3.41 in Bachelor
and 3.63 CGPA in Masters on a scale of 4.00.
During my undergraduate and graduate study, I have done two academic project
report mainly based on statistical analysis of macroeconomic variables and
financial development indicators. I presented my undergraduate project work at
the 2nd International Conference on Theory and Application of Statistics, University
of Dhaka, Bangladesh and got recognition. A paper was published entitled “An
Empirical Study on the Relationship between Industrial Production and Consumer
Price Index in Bangladesh” in Jahangirnagar University Journal of Statistical
Studies (JUJSS) based on my work.  I was involved in “Statistical Society,
Department of Statistics, Comilla University” as the educational &
cultural secretary.

After my graduation, I joined in BRAC Institution of Governance and
Development (BIGD), BRAC University, Bangladesh and worked as a research assistant. I was involved in multiple
projects related to the labor market,
gender norms, and socioeconomic analysis
of Bangladesh. These projects provided me hands-on
training and experience in data
management, statistical analysis, and report writing. In BIGD, I got the
opportunity to work with many prominent research scholars both from home and

To become a data scientist one
should have knowledge in the field of statistics, mathematics, and computer
science. During my study period, I have
taken courses especially titled Linear
algebra, calculus, Numerical Analysis, Real Analysis and complex variable, Calculus-based Statistics and probability, Statistical Inference, Statistical Data
Analysis, Multivariate analysis, Data Mining and Simulations, Introduction to
Computer and Computer Programming. These courses provide me a handful academic training in data processing, data
analysis, and data visualization to begin higher study in Big Data.

In my view, a good researcher
should have a good command of computer
programming. That’s why I always give extra emphasis to learn statistical
software and programming languages. During my undergraduate study, I have mastered
R, STATA, SPSS, SAS, and EViews through academic courses: Data Processing using software (R, SAS, SPSS, and STATA), training
program, and personal effort. In BIGD, I got the opportunity to use my
programming knowledge, especially the knowledge of R and STATA and theoretical
knowledge to analyze and describe the real world data.


I wish to pursue master’s degree in Computational Big Data
Analytics at “University of Tampere” because it would enhance my knowledge
about big data concept and make me ready to obtain a Ph.D. degree in this field. It will also train up myself in
finding, evaluating and documenting a research problem in a methodical way that
I need most to become an organized and meticulous researcher in future. I have
visited the web page of Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics and
amazed by the research activities of the Tampere Research Center for
Information and Systems (CIS). Especially the projects and publications done by
Data Analysis Research Group (DARG) and Statistics Group seemed very much
intriguing to me. It would be a great opportunity for me to work under the
supervision of research scholar and to work with the world-class research group. Furthermore,
I have found the course structure of MDP in Computational Big Data Analytics
very interesting, competent to learn data science, and advantageous for my future

I wish to build up my career as a
data scientist and participate in the cutting-edge research in the field of
data mining and big data analysis. I believe that pursuing higher studies will
be the best way for me to start the journey towards my goal. Having obtained a
master’s degree followed by a Ph.D. in data science would also provide me the
access to such worldwide research opportunities where I can explore new and exciting
areas of big data analysis and data mining. As the first national data center
of Bangladesh will start their journey in 2018, higher
studies on big data will help me to serve my country. I am confident that I
have the necessary motivation, academic preparation, and dedication to prove
myself as one of the best researchers at this university and my research
findings could have a significant contribution in the area of big data analysis
and data mining.

Therefore, I am looking forward
to getting admitted to your esteemed
Master’s Degree program. Please kindly accept my
deepest thankfulness & gratitude for
your further assessment and consideration.



Tasnimul Hasan 


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