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Lal Nehru University


The role of elementary education should be to contribute
each child’s physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and social development;
or simply, an overall well being of a child. Quality education is a process to
attain it. In India, government has made various efforts to improve the quality
of education. Despite the various initiatives of the Government, the education
provided to students, at present, is not quality oriented. In urban India, the
learning levels are very low. Also, absenteeism among students and teachers is an
issue that has to be looked upon. Several reports show that India will have a
surplus of 47 million workers by 2020; unless they are well educated and
skilled, this young workforce will not be a remarkable human capital asset. Currently,
there are only 17.9% of India’s young populations who get enrolled in higher
education (Ernst & Young, Nov. 2012). In Delhi, a report of Unified
District Codified Information (2015-2016) showed that schools had seen a jump
of 5.31 percent in
school dropout in the last three years.


in society have further hampered our education system, which has led to a
deterioration of standards. Also not to forget the school teaching regarded in
India as a low status occupation (Kumar, 2005). It can be drawn from the
present study that it is on us to choose education as a means of transforming
reality, and not merely as a tool to cope with it. The study is based on the
data from the secondary sources, mainly from the several reports on education
and review articles on quality education. The paper will attempt to
critically examine some of the factors responsible for poor quality of
education, the changes that are needed in education system and government’s initiatives
for quality education.

Quality education, Government initiatives, Effective implementation



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