Jalan Bunga Hinai is a narrow road about 220
metres long, surrounded by bungalows, a condominium and greenery. Nestled in
Tanjung Tokong, the north side of the road leads to a dead end, while the
southern side connects to Jalan Gajah, which leads to the main road, Jalan Tanjung
Bungah. A bungalow on this road could fetch RM13.6M, and the median PSF for
similar buildings in this area is RM854 PSF. For those who love a retro style
home (circa 1960s-1970s), there are a few of those on the block. Tesco Tanjung
Penang, Penang Chinese Swimming Club, and Tanjung Tokong World War II Relics
are some of the notable landmarks near Jalan Bunga Hinai.