3. inter-coder reliability is to compare with same

3. Methodology

In this chapter, it will be introduce some method and steps that apply to measure which can be used in this study. In order to explore those research questions, content analysis will conduct in this study on KFC Malaysia official Facebook page and data will collect through qualitative analysis.  Here to study crisis response strategies that KFC Malaysia apply and how public’s response of KFC Malaysia use Facebook to solve the crisis communication. The analysis of data include all posts made by KFC Malaysia within one month following the announcement of KFC staff fighting incident happened on February 6, 2012 until February 18, 2012 end the crisis. For study public’s response, will based on comments from public on every post in KFC Malaysia official Facebook page and code based on categories by SPSS and compare the result of inter-coder.

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3.1 Instrument

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

All data were analyzed by using SPSS. Based on Jeannette et al. (2017) defined that in SPSS frequencies will based on data to calculate for all coded categories in the study. In SPSS, well know can be used to calculate Krippendorff’s alpha (a) as the measure coding of public’s response towards KFC Malaysia use social media which is Facebook to handle and solve the crisis communication. SPSS will be more accurate in measure data analyzing, and also can explore the relationships between public’s responses to research questions. SPSS code the data of public’s comments on KFC Malaysia Facebook page and coded by different categories.

Inter-coder Reliability

After analyzed all data, inter-coder reliability is to compare with same class student to check the result whether reach a same conclusion as to match research questions. Inter-coder use in this study in order to measures the frame of study to which the different assess from different coders or conclude try to assign exactly the same rating to each study. Same class student will be coders of inter-coder that research a same topic, it is because same topic as do same theory and frame in use social media handle crisis communication, in order to compare the conclusion to reach same result or percentage. In this study,


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