10 not good that we are totally ignoring


Health and happiness are
connected. The way we live life, make decisions affects our health.  Depression, stress, anxiety lead to many
health issues. It is necessary to know that what you are doing wrong that
prevents you from happiness and of course good health so that you can correct
them and live a healthy and happy life.

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1-  Trying to
please everyone

We try to
make everyone happy but it’s impossible, people find ways to find mistakes in
you. Don’t say ‘yes’ to anything. Naturally, you will feel unhappy and sad if
you cannot refuse to the work that you don’t want to do. It does not mean that
you should stop helping people, try to determine necessary and needy people.

2-  Inability to

Nobody is
perfect, sometimes you made mistakes and sometimes others do. Forgiveness is an
important key to happiness. You carry the burden on the brain and think about
what people did with you and what you did with yourself. Go easy with yourself
and with others.

3-  Neglecting
your creativity

We all have
some hobbies but you ignore it. When a person does something interesting,
exciting and the thing that he likes, he experiences
happiness. Conversely, if you neglect your passion, you can never
experience feelings of satisfaction from life.

4-  Worrying only
about the future

It’s a good
idea that we are planning things for future, but it’s not good that we are totally
ignoring the present. It is necessary to concentrate on what can be done with
available resources and feel happy and healthy.

5-  Comparisons

Many studies
prove that constant comparison of ourselves with others deprives us of
happiness. Everyone is unique and great in their own way, you have to accept
the fact you are no less than anybody else.



6-  Not meeting
friends and family

You can’t
always work and earn money. Sometimes we get so busy that we ignore our family
and friends.  Don’t avoid the beautiful
relations and connections like friendship, marriage, and family. 

7-   Excessive self-confidence

refers to self-confidence based on illusions. It happens when a person
receives recognition for a certain work and comes to the conclusion that this automatically
guarantees him success in other spheres of life.

8-  Monotonous life

same routine that you are not enjoying makes you depressed and unhappy. If you
are expecting any changes and you can’t see it then you must be doing something

9-  Not allowing
yourself to move outside

In free time
you decide to finish the work like laundry, cleaning etc. you rarely go outside
in the sun. Spend some time with nature; it will help you to feel confident and
more energetic.

“I’m not good enough”

Perhaps there
are some things that you do not like about yourself. For example, you
would like to be taller, richer, or have a different appearance. You need
to learn to accept yourself as you are.


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