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LABOR: Songs for Unmaking a Living
by Tucker Fuller and Megan Levad
Wednesday, April 30 & Thursday, May 1, 2014
8pm at the Marigny Opera House


Two singers and a chamber orchestra bring nine ballads to life in this provocative and engaging new song cycle. LABOR draws on the rich variety of songs in the American popular canon, presenting a nuanced exploration of work and working in the 21st century. Through the voices of nine distinct characters, these songs illuminate the many ways a worker’s integrity or freedom can be compromised by the act of making a living.This spring, New Resonance Orchestra presents the world-premiere of New Orleans-based composer Tucker Fuller and poet Megan Levad’s new project, LABOR: Songs for Unmaking a Living.

TWO PERFORMANCES: Wednesday, April 30 & Thursday, May 1 at 8pm at the Marigny Opera House

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New Resonance Orchestra is a group of young, professional classical musicians in New Orleans working to reclaim classical music in America as a vital force for artistic expression and social change. With its fearless performances, New Resonance Orchestra makes music that is fresh, joyful, and relevant. Creating interdisciplinary performance events and engaging with current issues, New Resonance Orchestra uses classical music to rejuvenate New Orleans.

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